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Marie-Gisèle Emmanuelle Jean


Coming from the Caribbean with an authentically Haitian cultural, intellectual and emotional background, Gisèle extended and enhanced it with Quebec’s experience and culture through an intense and special connection established without difficulty with her host country.

 Gisèle is one of the co-founders of our organization that fight for the successful integration of women in Quebec’s labour market. She did not hesitate for a second when her childhood friend Dorcas Destinoble told her about it in 2014.

 She obtained a bilingual diploma in secretarial work from Christ the King Secretarial School (CKSS), a highly recognized secretarial school in Haiti, which enabled her to acquire solid administrative training. 

 Without wasting time, once in Canada, she continued her studies and completed a master’s degree in written French from the TÉLUQ (remote university). She is currently in the process of learning recognition in the Human Resources Management Support Officer program.

 She has been an inventory specialist for three years now at “Corporation International Masonite”, an international company specializing in exterior and interior doors.

 A highly qualified, passionate, responsible and effective professional concerned with confidentiality, she describes herself as a Quebec lover for her values of inclusion and tolerance. Gisèle is a model of social and professional integration.

 Her dream is to see that every woman who immigrates to Canada is mentored and supported so that they, too, become citizens who fully enjoy their rights while adequately fulfilling their obligations.