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Employment Counsellor & Co-Founder

Françoise Montlouis

Coming from guinea and having lived in Europe for a long time, Françoise, once in Quebec, worked with women in the community. Through her work, several cohorts of newcomers have discovered libraries, parks, arenas, other provinces in Canada and more. She played a crucial role in the development of several projects aimed at creating intercultural ties between natives and immigrants.

Francoise is a pleasant woman, always willing to help others. Her cheerfulness and positivity make it easy to build deep friendships, sometimes beyond the professional setting. Some of these friendships soon ended with creating large-scale projects, such as Femmes en Emploi in 2014, proposed by her then-colleague Dorcas Destinoble, which meets the needs of women, particularly those of immigrant background.

Her dream is to keep her citizen’s love of integration alive. To this end, she is involved in other initiatives that aim to, in a better way, integrate newcomers into their new country’s labour market.