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Executive Director & Co-Founder

Dorcas Destinoble

After a devastating earthquake, she landed in Quebec as a Haitian immigrant and quickly became a proud next-generation woman by co-founding Femmes en Emploi in Laval in 2014. As she faced the many challenges of her decision, she learnt she was a courageous, free, and empathic woman who had to reconcile her many responsibilities rigorously.

HEC Montréal graduate, Manager of Cyber Employment, Organization Director, her professional journey is made of encounters. She has a gift for consistently meeting the right people at the right time. They can’t resist her humility, authenticity, and great kindness.

Passionate and invested in the struggle to improve immigrant women’s status, Dorcas is a self-taught person, a manager, a trainer, and a lecturer. The balance between family, work and studies, is at the core of her challenges. One of the best decisions she made was to bring together so many great women dedicated to one cause. Her dream is simple: through her commitment and actions, we stop rotting women’s lives!