Miriam, thank you for leaving on time!

Miriam, thank you for leaving on time!

Miriam, you have stripped yourself bare to share your inspiring story and tell women struggling with domestic violence: “you are not alone, you can leave, you can run, the days will be much better, after him!”

The footprints of a destructive love

If you are reading this post, whoever you are, know that you will not be alone if you decide to break the silence; the power to act is now!

Don’t stay a second longer because your family, friends, elected officials, neighbours, community, Centre des Femmes de Laval, TCVCASL, TCLCF, and Femmes en Emploi, and so many others will support you. You won’t be alone; we will all mobilize for you; we promise you that! Your power to act is now. Take it as a plea!

All united and mobilized against domestic violence
Miriam did it five years ago, she wouldn’t have believed it, yet she did it!

Miriam Icard, signing copies of the book “Les empreintes d’un amour destructeur” (The Footprints of a Destructive Love.)

We were all mobilized for her. It was March 7, on the eve of International Women’s Rights Day; it couldn’t have been better!

Bravo, Miriam Icard, we are so proud of you! Thank you for being a voice for the voiceless! The Femmes en Emploi team

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