June 12, World Day Against Child Labour

June 12, World Day Against Child Labour

The International Labor Organization (ILO) launched the World Day Against Child Labor in 2002 to draw attention to the global extent of child labour and the actions and efforts needed to eliminate it.

Since this recognition in 2002, FOVA has made a point of celebrating this Day for the past five years by providing a favourable opportunity to raise awareness on the issue, review the actions and progress made in this area, identify additional efforts to be made and advocate for a stronger commitment from stakeholders.

This year, the Day is dedicated to child labour in the production chain. All production chains, from agriculture to industry, from services to construction, run the risk of using child labour, as according to the ILO, 168 million children are victims of child labour. And what about the situation of the “restavèk” in many patriarchal societies, which are a form of modern slavery?

Thank you to the FOVA, in the person of Mrs. Nadine Francillon and her team; thank you to Maudeleine Myrthil, the moderator of the event; and thank you to the speakers: Mrs. Julie Grant, UQAM graduate in law; Mrs. Anite Martin Marseille, social worker and UQAM graduate; and Mr. Christian Vilney Sociologist. On Sunday, June 12, they brought us together in a framework of exchanges and reflections to examine our interventions and consider the perspectives that could lead to the actual elimination of child labour in the production chains.

The collective or individual actions to be undertaken are significant. As holders of purchasing power, would we have the courage to sanction companies that use children in the production chain? Would we choose not to feed the slave culture by not having a “restavèk” in our homes? Would we be willing to make sacrifices by combining our efforts to support organizations that provide education for children? Can we help at least one family break out of the cycle of poverty?

June 12 is a date to remember because together we can!

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