International Women’s Rights Day

International Women’s Rights Day

The power to act is now!

First, a few words to congratulate Miriam Icard for launching her book “The Footprints of a Destructive Love.” She tells us her story of domestic violence so that others can say no and break the silence. My dear friends, when they are brutes and stupid (Antidote warns me that this word is offensive, yes Antidote, we assume it!), it produces a terrible mix. You have nothing to do there, don’t wait, run away! The power to act is now.

Many of you came to support Miriam, and this is priceless proof of solidarity! And Marjorie followed up with her guide to self-confidence. Bravo, we are so proud of you!

Thank you to Mrs. Graciela Matéo from the Centre des femmes de Laval for her vibrant speech. Indeed, we cannot eradicate this evil that is domestic violence without being united.

Thank you to Jocelyne Frédéric-Gauthier, city councillor of Auteuil, the only black woman of Haitian origin to be elected in Laval, for her presence and her support. Her wish is to see more women enter politics, sit on boards of directors. She broke the glass ceiling; we can do it too if we wish. Thank you to Ms. Janny Gaspard of Femme qui fonce, this inspiring go-getter for Quebec women.

And what about our panellists:

Thank you to Sandra Rabrun for leading the conversation with these exceptional women: Nersa Dorismond, Rabab Amin, Nolie Imprévert and Yasmina Jiménez. Bravo to these beautiful human souls.

They are not superwomen; they have their share of happiness and misfortune. They have lived through either a messy divorce or witnessed the rape of their mothers, not once, but several times. They have experienced depression, thought about suicide, practiced depigmentation because of skin colour inferiority complexes. At one point in their lives, they had no self-esteem. Some have experienced war and had to flee, abandoning everything, to arrive in a country without mastering a word in French. Here is a non-exhaustive list of hardships that we all experience at some point in our lives. But beyond all this pain, in the end, the only thing that

prevails is to take control and move forward without being perfect, without the superwoman complex.

Bravo for your honesty, and this is how you become a voice for the voiceless. On this International Women’s Rights Day, we remember that there are still so many battles to be fought. Through solidarity, we will prevail. The power to act is now.

While waiting for the superb photos of Frantz Corvil, a great supporter of the women’s cause, have a nice day!

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