Girls’ Brunch

Girls’ Brunch

In Saint-Michel de l’Attalaye, on January 5, 2017, in the Artibonite department of Haiti, the “Brunch between girls” first edition, organized by Femmes en Emploi, took place. This activity is part of a sensibilization day about the different forms of violence against women and girls living in rural areas. It’s essential to make them aware of their present and future role, their importance and their contribution to society, of which they are full members.

A total of 13 girls between the ages of 7 and 16 benefited from and shared moments of learning, discovery, questioning, and recognition in response to a workshop entitled: Critical reflection on the obstacles women and girls face in rural areas. Multimedia content used for the workshop received positive feedback from the girls in attendance.

Following the training workshop and brunch, participants were evaluated on the different issues that rural women and girls face every day.

They were divided into four categories: the first category (5-7 years old) had to answer two questions; the second category (8-10 years old) had to answer four questions; the third category (11-13 years old) had to answer six questions and the fourth category (14-17 years old) had to answer ten questions.

In addition to the written questions, the top 2 candidates in the fourth category (14-17 years) passed an oral interview. The candidate who scored the highest on both assessments was Jovanie Shelsie Augustin, quick-witted at only 14 years old! She was elected as the new Femmes en Emploi’s Ambassador for 2017.

As a first function, Jovanie Shelsie Augustin, Ambassador 2017, had the mission to draw the name of the following workshop host department, where Femmes en Emploi’s Ambassador for 2018 will be designated. And it’s the department of the Northwest that becomes the next destination.

As responsibilities and privileges, Jovanie Shelsie Augustin, 2017 Ambassador of Femmes en Emploi, will participate in all the activities of Femmes en Emploi in Haiti during the year 2017. Femmes en Emploi will cover the Ambassador’s travel, lodging, and food expenses for her participation in the scheduled activities and especially her tuition for the 2017-2018 academic year.

Congratulations to all the participants, and congratulations to our other seven winners.

Thanks to the parents who allowed their daughters to take part in this activity. Thanks to Professor Carlo Charles of Saint-Michel’s Lycée Charlemagne Péralte for his valuable contribution and availability.

Thanks to Steeve Déjean of Concern WorldWide for his logistical support, despite the acces difficulty to Saint-Michel.

A huge thank you to the Baptiste family for their hospitality and dedication. Thanks to all those who participated in the success of this wonderful day to benefit Haitian girls!

Next destination: North West Department

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