First edition of SMART Day, 2017

First edition of SMART Day, 2017

Smart Day 2017 brought together about 50 young people for this first edition at the brand new Haiti House facility in Saint-Michel.

This great science and technology awareness day offered nearly ten free interactive science activities that delighted the whole family on Saturday, June 17, 2017.

The kids enjoyed the variety and quality of the workshops: Exploration of the cell with AREJ; introduction to coding, DIY; ecological toy making: Toupie-CD, the catapult, robotics, virtual reality, with Les Ateliers Neuronix; stop Motion with RécupérAction; Rocket making with PolyOrbite; a cognitive game with Cognicorp+…; 3D modelling and printing with Fabrique Nomade; artistic creation from brain interfaces with NeurotechX; structure making with Boom Scientifique; the magic straw (Bernoulli effect) with AIHC.

The success of the Smart Day is due to the close collaboration between the Neuronix Workshops, founded by Hans Ovide, and Femmes en Emploi, directed by Dorcas Destinoble. Also, to the volunteers and many partners who combined their efforts to realize the first scientific event in Villeray/Saint-Michel/Parc-Extension districts.

The young people were able to rub shoulders with influential scientific community members, including Mr. Benoit Chalifoux, the guest of honour who gave a very inspiring testimony.

A big thank you to Mr. Frantz Benjamin for his presence and his commitment to accompany the J-SMART 2018.

Thanks to the speakers who knew how to raise science and technology awareness to present boys and girls.

A thousand thanks to Dorothy Alexandre for ensuring the day’s animation with the professionalism and charisma that we know.

Yes!!! We can say: “mission accomplished” because the young people and their families who participated in the SMART Day visibly appreciated the variety and quality of the workshops offered:

SMART Day is a way to fight against dropping out of school by proposing a positive and fun image of school learning. This approach appeals to young people and interests them in science.

Thank you to the partners, volunteers, and artisans of this event who helped us make this first edition a success!

The J-SMART 2017 team!

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