16th Quebec Week of Intercultural Encounters

16th Quebec Week of Intercultural Encounters

The 16th Quebec Week of Intercultural Encounters (Semaine québécoise des rencontres interculturelles, SQRI) was held throughout Quebec from November 5 to 11, 2018, including our

beautiful city Laval. The Quebec Week of Intercultural Encounters is an opportunity to organize and participate in activities that promote harmonious living together.

On November 11 Femmes en Emploi and the Le Coumbite Community Center organized a meeting at the Bibliothèque Laure-Conan, under the theme: Women, at the heart of the Quebec mosaic!

There, we highlighted the vital contribution of Quebec women of all origins to the province development, which can only encourage dialogue and intercultural bridge-building. Participants proposed a photo exhibition of women who’ve left their mark in Quebec.

In the middle, we had the pleasure of three beautiful testimonies: Zorah Ghobrini, a citizen invested in cultural communities; Fatoumata Banko, recently settled in Quebec, but who didn’t stop fighting for women and girls empowerment, from her country of origin, and whose greatest dream is to create cultural ties between Guinea and Quebec; and Esther Legagneur who spoke about her mother’s journey as an immigrant woman and how she built herself as a Quebecer of Haitian origin through her enriching experiences. These testimonies, although very different, are touching, inspiring and impressive.

We read or write poetry not because it is pretty. We read and write poetry because we are part of humanity. And humanity is made up of passions, as they say, and what an extraordinary poet David Mezy is, who has paid tribute to Quebec women of all origins and to diversity, which is an invaluable wealth!

Isn’t it wonderful to conceive this privileged moment to recognize and value diversity’s contribution to Quebec’s development to create a welcoming and inclusive living environment one week during the year?

A huge thank you to our partners: Laure Conan Library
City of Laval
Klassxtv Network

Frantz Corvil
Thank you all for participating.
See you soon for the 17th Quebec Week of Intercultural Encounters!

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